Welcome Gifts for New Employees

Some companies make it work. Their new recruit welcome packs are filled with individualized, premium things that prove useful and make their new employees feel appreciated.

The truth is that many firms offer disposable goods that are seldom used.

We'll provide you with some examples of creative new employee welcome package ideas that your new recruit will never forget to help you avoid making this mistake. But first, let's discuss some of the most common themes for welcome kits.


Plain Minimalist Boxes

Even while a basic box may seem, well, basic, it may nonetheless be quite useful when welcoming a new employee. Many simple welcome packs include practical office supplies like notebooks, pencils, sticky notes, and other things. Items like a mousepad or a stapler that are particular to the work may be included in certain boxes.


Keeping It Personalized 

Another enjoyable subject for an employee welcome package, and one that many businesses utilize, is drinkware. It's pleasant to observe new staff refueling with water or coffee from a bottle or mug with the company's logo on it.

Making your new recruit feel valued and unique may be accomplished in large part with a highly personalized welcome kit. Include some goods you know they'll appreciate and utilize if you know enough about your new recruit from the interview process. This will undoubtedly make them happy and motivate them to do their finest work.

Ideas to Keep in Mind When Making a Welcome Kit for New Employees

So, how can you design your own distinctive new employee welcome package if you want to differentiate yourself from other brands?


We’ve listed some suggestions that you can look for

Make certain the goods are practical.

What's the sense of assembling a welcome package for a new employee if it contains things they won't even use?


Make sure to include helpful and valuable goods in your welcome package as you're assembling it. 


Gifts Should Always Be High Quality

No new recruit wants to be given products of poor quality that will wear out within a week. Whether it's a box of clothes or brand-new technology, make sure to assemble it. Your welcome kit contains high-quality supplies made to last. Your new employee will value the additional work you put in!

High quality doesn't necessarily have to be costly. A high-quality welcome kit for new employees may be created by utilizing inexpensive giveaways.


Represent Your Brand

A new employee welcome package is the ideal venue for showcasing your brand and the whole image of your brand.  After all, that's probably one of the reasons your new employee decided to join!


Increasing the number of unconventional products in your box is a good place to start. Beyond just plain t-shirts, you may include accessories like socks, caps, sweaters, and more in your clothing boxes. Create unique box designs! 

You Can Choose The Best Corporate Gifts Of Your Choice And Create A Bundle Of Gifts For Your Employees. 


  • Personalized Shirts As A Corporate Gift
  • This could be the perfect corporate gift as it could be personalized and, the best part is, it could be very useful. T-shirts  are used and worn, and if they're personalized, then the shirts can be loved by everyone. Another great factor of giving shirts as a gift is that they can also help in representing your company’s name, which can result in recognition from more companies and clients. 


  • Water Bottles 
  • What could be more appealing than having a water bottle having your company name and your employee's name? This is a great way to acknowledge your employees and also for marketing your brand. If you're thinking of making a bundle of gifts or a gift basket, then no gift basket for an employee would be complete without a branded water bottle. Zipzaa’s stainless steel bottle , a stainless steel insulated cover, and vacuum insulation. All that's left to do to personalize your bottle with a logo. 


  • Bags 
  • Aren't bags  the most useful thing for each and every employee? Every woman or man needs a bag  to carry their essentials with them, wherever they go. Office workers who spend almost half of their day working and stay away from their homes, need to keep everything they think is useful with them. 

    Zipzaa has a wide range of bags  for you to choose from to give the perfect gift to your employees. 

    Our variety of bags  consists of backpacks, tote bags, drawstring bags, and even pouches. 

    All these are customizable and could be the best things to give to your employees.


  • Notebooks 
  • Notebooks are one of the best gifts to give to employees as they are the handiest and most useful things. At work or outside of work, everyone requires a notebook for scheduling, plans, or maybe for writing. Zipzaa’s sophisticated softcover notebooks won't let them down, whether they're taking notes or drawing out fresh creative ideas.


  • Pens
  • Searching for a new daily pen ? The Zipzaa’s wide range of fancy to basic pens will take care of you. The kind of pen that your new employee will want to have on their desk at all times has an oval form, a smooth feel, and a comfortable fit in the hand. Every pen that you choose has an option to be personalized with your logo. Pens can go along with everything whether you are thinking of giving it in a gift box or separately.


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