Cost Effective Promotional Gifts

The word "cheap" is not appropriate to express what we want. We prefer words like affordable, cost-effective, or even low cost. After all, promotional items don't need to be pricey to be effective. However, "cheap" merchandise that is subpar in quality or design will hinder your brand rather than promote it. 

However, inexpensive products are an incredible way to promote your brand without spending a fortune. Perhaps you are looking at a large-scale  initiative or you are experimenting with new marketing strategies. In either case, we have a wide range of low-cost promotional items to suit different usage situations!

In this age of social alienation, remote employment, and hybrid company structures, Zipzaa offers a tactile link between people and brand that is crucial. Selecting items that people will truly want to keep is the secret to find that has the power to engage, delight, and endear. 

The best for you to know is that We’ve Got You! 

This list highlights some of the top personalized concepts that we believe remote workers and clients will adore in the upcoming year. Additionally, what we anticipate will coincide with the year's trends. We have everything, from onboarding kits for new remote staff to new updated tech gifts for prestigious clientele. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Zipzaa, makes it easy to shop anywhere around Pakistan.

Unique Mouse Pad

For the home office, or any office, a bespoke mouse pad is necessary. Give a top-notch version to your remote workers that you can personalize with your distinctive color scheme and artwork.


The top of the line in luxurious office supplies, the Notebook has a customized leather cover. Our Notebook designs are available in a variety of colors which have premium quality pages. 

Tea And Coffee Mugs 

Our Tea and Coffee mug is characterized by its simple, clean contours. This coolest  traditional diner mug is elegant and cozy. The fact that it is dishwasher and microwave safe and has gorgeous colors with exquisite prints on which you can put your customized logo to manifest your company's name.

Tote bags 

Employees adore tote bags because they are functional, enjoyable, and inexpensive pieces. Stock your workplace with this type, and you can be sure that many satisfied employees will be seen errand-running throughout town with your branded merchandise.

Are you looking for more ideas or suggestions on how to reach clients or customers without having a significant budget? Our team of knowledgeable designers will be happy to hear from you so that they can put together the ideal collection of products on your needs, so send us an email at and our team will be happy to assist you! 

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